Sunday, 23 December 2012

20 Best Albums of 2012: #15

15. Tori Amos, Gold Dust

For Gold Dust, Tori Amos recorded live with an orchestra for the first time in her twenty-year career. The result is nothing short of stunning, Amos reinterpreting songs from her back catalogue with impressive results: “Snow Cherries from France” is lush and romantic, and the piano-only “Marianne” now packs an orchestral punch. “We’ll see how brave you are,” Amos sings on “Yes, Anastasia” – from 1994’s Under the Pink and given an assertive, horn-led arrangement here – and this statement can be said to sum up her entire career. She’s always been restless, always moving forward, and her commitment to exploring her musicality in new ways makes Gold Dust far more than the vanity project it could have ended up as.

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