Wednesday, 28 December 2011

10 Best Albums of 2011: #7

7. Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto

The first genuine breakthrough for the band since 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head, Mylo Xyloto shows the youthful earnestness of Coldplay’s earliest work has grown into a more mature, yet still wholly genuine, musical perspective. Whereas previous records’ lyrics felt oblique for obliquity’s sake, here not a word is wasted, with the stunning “Hurts Like Heaven”, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” and “Us Against the World” most representative of the album’s potent imagery. Whether it’s quoting from the Leonard Cohen classic “Anthem” on “Up With the Birds” or crafting such songs as the devastating “Up in Flames”, Mylo Xyloto is an album that indicates Coldplay, for a band often seen as running out of steam, hasn’t lost its ability to surprise the listener.

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