Wednesday, 28 December 2011

10 Best Albums of 2011: #10

10. Tori Amos, Night of Hunters
Night of Hunters finds singer-songwriter/pianist Tori Amos returning to her earliest roots studying the works of Bach and Chopin at Baltimore’s Peabody Conservatory, from which she was famously kicked out at age eleven for her growing interest in rock music. Being approached by legendary classical label Deutsche Grammophon to create a 21st-century song cycle spanning 400 years of classical music would make anyone intimidated, but Amos’ dexterity with a variety of sounds and genres on such classic works as Scarlet’s Walk and Boys for Pele helps bring a notion as daunting as that of Night of Hunters into glorious reality.

The moment “Shattering Sea” hits us with that killer opening lyric (“That is not my blood on the bedroom floor”), we know we’re in the hands of a master as we delve further and further, with Amos as our guide, into the dying embers of an ages-old relationship. “Star Whisperer” and the title track are only two of the many reasons Night of Hunters is not just one more sterling chapter in Amos’ accomplished twenty-year career, but one of the most significant records she’s made yet.

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