Wednesday, 15 December 2010

10 Best Albums of 2010: #3

3. Miss Emily Brown, In Technicolor

“It was nothing like dancing with you.”

Miss Emily Brown’s second album is a brilliantly beguiling blend of electronica and folk— brilliant even more so because its eight tracks deal with the most ordinary things and never feel pedestrian. Drawing on the WWII journal of her grandmother for inspiration, Brown captures the slowly creeping despair of wartime life in “The Diary of Amy Briggs”, the chaos of a blizzard in the extraordinary “Blackout” and her grandmother's dreams of escapism in the title track. Her songs are multifaceted and sparkle – autoharp, drum machines, and music boxes all work seamlessly here -- and feel like old friends with each listen. Brown brings the listener right in with her, and proves history is still relevant in the wireless age.

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