Monday, 13 September 2010

"Still a Weirdo" by KT Tunstall and "Pinch Me" by Barenaked Ladies: Distant Cousins?

KT Tunstall's new single "(Still a) Weirdo" for her upcoming album Tiger Suit is pretty great. It also reminded me of a song I hadn't thought of in ten years.

"Pinch Me" by Canada's own Barenaked Ladies.

Tell me if I'm crazy, but there seems to be some mysterious cosmic link between these two songs. I don't know why, but there is.

What do you think?

(Unfortunately, none of the "Pinch Me" album version videos on YouTube are embeddable (thanks WMG!) so I had to go with a stream from Grooveshark. KT still gets a video because, well, because she's hot and Scottish. Any further questions?)

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