Thursday, 17 December 2009

20 Best Albums of the Decade: #3

3. Kate Bush, Aerial (2005)

After the birth of her son in 1998, enigmatic British singer-songwriter Kate Bush largely vanished from the spotlight, intending to raise a family free from the pressures of celebrity. Twelve years passed, and in 2005, Bush returned with the critically acclaimed Aerial, a double album. The first disc, A Sea of Honey, addressed a variety of lyrical subjects, with the stunning “A Coral Room” (addressing the death of her mother) and “Joanni” (about Joan of Arc) among the highlights; A Sky of Honey, the second disc, was a conceptual suite presenting the day’s shift from morning to night. Aerial, whether Bush shifted into a flamenco-inspired interlude halfway through “Sunset” or based a song on the number Pi, showed a seasoned artist at the height of her musical and lyrical powers.

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