Wednesday, 16 December 2009

20 Best Albums of the Decade: #18

18. Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope (2006)

Begin to Hope, the third album from Regina Spektor, showed an artist unafraid to embrace the mainstream while retaining her idiosyncrasies. Deceptively lightweight songs like “Fidelity” and “On the Radio”, as well as the mournful "Lady" and thunderous “Apr├Ęs Moi” (on which Spektor sang in French and Russian) gave Begin to Hope diversity and a much-appreciated cohesion. Funny, often poignant lyrics and confident musicality led to one of the most intelligent, and catchiest, pop albums of the decade.


  1. Michael J. Schwartz16 December 2009 at 21:11

    Wow Paul thanks for bringing her to my attention because I have never hear of her before.

  2. No problem! Her two most recent albums -- this one and 2009's "Far" -- are her best, in my opinion, if you want to explore her music more.